Want to Buy

Not looking for this myself but for a riding buddy.

Lots of you have seen me on the trail with my buddy who rides the 10 year old Brodie dirt jumper. He is 61 and looking to upgrade to something a little friendlier for the trails we ride.

Looking for a 29er hardtail. He’s retired and on a budget ($600). He’ stalking about retiring his ride and never riding again and I can’t let that happen

There must be something out there for sale that would fit here.

CCM has a 29er. Ask Riderx about it he stripped the frame and put real parts on it.

Check out some of the Norco 29er hardtails… there are definitely a couple around that price- especially if Sport Wheels 25% off sale is still happening… Giant Revel 29er might fit the bill too. Kona Splice even… most manufacturers have a 29er hardtail around that price.

Make sure he sells the Brodie and puts that money towards the 29er!

He is going to see this one today:

halifax.kijiji.ca/c-ViewAdLargeI … =505685681

Seems like a good place to start. Does anyone have any comments. Good or bad?

Where do you guys do most of your riding? Pedals look liek garbage but that’s easily remedied.

Spider. Fight, Whopper. We’ll swap out the pedals and get rid of the big ring too