Wanted: 29" straight fork

Hey everyone,

Was looking to find a cheapish replacement for for my Trek Marlin 6. Wanted to get a 29" straight fork with attachments for my disc brakes. Upgrading from a suntour xct 30 (mine is seized and I couldn’t take it fully apart to fix it).


If you’re looking for just a direct replacement I have a Suntour fork that was taken off my ex’s last year, only has a few rides on it, not sure of the exact model but I can check after work today, it’s a 29, straight steer tube, disc, and 100mm travel

I’d definitely be interested, only thing I’d ask you to check and see if the lockout/suspension works properly on it. Mine had a locked preload and when I adjusted it, it just completely locked up on me and I never was able to get the suspension working again.

For sure, when I get home this afternoon I’ll check it out

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It’s a suntour XCM, lockout works as it should, I don’t have a tape handy right now but there’s lots of steerer tube left, the graphics are black on black so it’s hard to see in the photo

I was checking eBay and they’re going for about 100 American, if you’re interested I’d let it go for 75

It was ridden twice, both times on green trails by my ex wife

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Yea man I’d be interested! This is also for a 29" rim right? Just wanted to make sure!

Also I’m In Dartmouth NS, where abouts are you located?

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Yup 29 er, I’m in the sackville area, I could meet up any time after 1230 tomorrow

Okay cool man! What would be the best way for me to contact you to sync up a location and time? I can drive out to meet yea wherever after supper (say 7ish)

I’ll dm my number