Wanted BMX frame

for sure mike will do that man looking forward

just looking for a good frame want to build a BMX for the summer

Does it matter what BB it has or what size axles fit in the dropouts? What kind of brake mounts?

I am Just geting into the BMX scene doesnt have to be super fancy just need something that I can cruise around in and take to the park breaks as long as they work thats all that matters lol I will just upgrade as i go along XD

Cool. Just keep in mind some things are not really upgradeable. Like old school quill stems. And if it has v-brake bosses, you can’t swap to u-brakes/990’s and vice versa. But it’s still fun to roll around on whatever. I’ll keep my eyes open for you.

There might be some gems worth looking at in the stockroom at Sportwheels, drop by sometimes and ask for Mike. I’ll show you what we have upstairs.