Wanted- parts for 1x11 conversion

I am changing a 2004 Kona dawg to a 1x11. Looking for parts to do this

Crank set
Chain ring
11speed shimano cassette
Rear derailed with clutch

Current crankset is RaceFace XC ISIS.

Also If you know where a cheaper groupset with cranks is in stock locally that would be good as well.


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I have a 28t Race Face Direct mount chain ring, if that’s of any use to you.

Kijiji link

I dont have any parts to offer, but I have exactly the same bike and wanted to do the same thing but kind of thought it would be price prohibitive to go for it.

I’d be stoked if you could let me know what it cost you in the end.

On another note… Do you have a dropper post for it? did you go with a 27.2 plus shims?

Micro shift advant x all day everyday for a budget wide range cassette!

No reason you can’t put a single narrow wide ring on that crankset.

This. The ring is the only part that is specific to 1x. The crank will continue to work fine, but you may need some spacers to optimize your chainline.

I am new to bike changes so I figured the crankset would need a change. If I can reuse that is great as I can save some money. I will look into this and take the rings off today to see how this will work out.



Also check pink bike for shifter, derailleur and cassette deals on take offs! Lots of people moving to 12 speed so lots off take offs!

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If you’re going to keep the existing cranks (and not buy my ring :wink: ), check OneUp Components for a great oval ring made in Canada.

Or Blackspire, another great Canadian company, if you want to spend a little more for a splash of colour:

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Or AliExpress because 5 dollars a chainring is dope! Hehe

I think I’m beginning to understand why you break so many bike parts! LOL!

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Never broke one of those! Only seem to break the good stuff.

Made in Canada when you can! trying when possible to not promote aliexpress when you can instead support your neighbors. I question PPC labour standards, Canadian relations aside…

Hard to pay 90 bucks for a chainring that is 5, and last as long, not a major component in my books and isn’t worth it, I spend my money local but not on things like that.

And it’s great when it’s made in Canada but most parts short of North Shore Billet and the few others, bike parts are all made in China or Taiwan, probably on the same production line l, by the same people, under the same rules and regulations. Just my 2 cents. Cheap and Local rarely go together, with the exception of a few select shops, that I do frequent.

Yeah I have to agree I buy and support local when I can but I also have a family to support. If that means dropping 30$ and getting 3-4 chainrings of various sizes that each last 1200-1500km that’s fine in my books. Now stems, forks, cranks etc I’m not willing to buy off brand bit chainrings, cable ends, grips, bleed kits etc I will rock those all day long. You just have to do an ounce of research not buy the first or prettiest looking item it’s a robust review system they have.

Then there’s the fact that the majority of cycling products are created in Taiwan, China etc a squash eluded, where do you think the frame for your giant anthem come from, or your SRAM or Shimano drivetrain and brakes, or your cranks and bottom bracket ? Yes it was purchased local but the majority of it was manufactured elsewhere.

I’m not saying don’t buy local or Canadian products just saying don’t discount international especially at these times where things are oh so hard to get your hands on.

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I should clarify;

It may be less beneficial to compare our Canadian products to aliexpress knockoffs- that statement could be made all day everyday. Buy local, and promote local. No, the chainring promoted by IanMHFX isn’t a 5$ product, it is MADE IN CANADA priced @ 55$. Is the quality about the same, I don’t know. But in the end it is promoted by IanMHFX, and that’s an important statement.

Unfortunately we aren’t always given a reasonable alternative, foreign products (Chinese) isn’t always inferior in quality, either.

TLDR: When a Canadian product is recommended, we should limit comparing to foreign (Chinese) made alternatives considering manufacturing process and labor standards

***edited to take some emotion out :slight_smile: #allgood


I get what your saying, now. Thanks for the clarification.

Yes I get what you’re saying as well, however there’s still a large difference between $5 and $55. The point I’m trying to make is people should be aware of all of their options and if they want to spend their money local power to them. no one’s going to mock them for that. However if they choose to purchase from other sources for financial reasons or because some products here are marked up to such a ridiculous rate nobody should be berated for that reason.

Also for the record one-up components are designed in Canada and made in Taiwan they’re not actually manufactured here. Like most things you’re just supporting their r&d and marketing.

I should clarify: my comment isn’t that “foreign” products are questionable. My frame is made in Taiwan. But, if you’re spending only $5 on a product like a chainring, you’re not paying the “full cost”. Somewhere along that supply chain, someone is getting screwed. Maybe it was forced/slave labour, or less stringent testing, or even product that “fell off a truck.” A chainring should cost more than that if it’s being made at all ethically and safely.

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Ok to clarify they are normally 11 but go on sale for 5.50 hahaha.