Wanted: short 31.8 stem

Looking for a short stem for my road bike. I’ve spent a little time on it lately in lockdowns, and it’s time to finally get a shorter stem. I’ve known it for a while, but that bike saw such little use that I didn’t see the point. Now, though… yeah. What have ya got that’s cheap and not precious to you? :slight_smile:

Will have something definitely. I’ll go find what’s in the box.

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I had the bike bits box out last night looking for my boys lock so he could bike to school today (isn’t that the sweetest collection of words).

I’ve got:

FSA 90mm +/- 6
Truvative 100mm +/- 5
Giant 60mm +/- 15
Raceface Turbine 60mm +/- 6

All not precious and can be cheap! (I’d say cheapish for the Raceface, it’s all shiny black CNC)

Can put pic’s up if want.

60mm would be better than my current 90mm. :slight_smile: Can you DM me a few pics?

Not sure what happened to pics I sent, will try again!