WD-40 for Bikes

WD-40 has come out with a line of products specifically designed for bikes. Having wrenched on bikes at a shop for a few years I never recommended using WD-40 for bike application. This new line looks interesting though…what do you think? Would you try it?


Sure I’d try it. no reason not to.

They were a major sponsor at the past World Cyclocross event in Louisville. I see no reason they couldn’t make a decent product. And heck, regular WD40 has its uses as well. I often spray it on things that aren’t going to be used for awhile. Its thin coat isn’t too greasy and helps keep rust away.

The wd actually means water deterrent. So definitely has uses

I use regular WD-40 on my bike chain… for cleaning… if I’m doing a quick wipe, as opposed to a thorough clean. Then I follow up with chain lube.