We want your empties!

As you know East Coast Mountain Biking is a non profit site. However, we do have some minor expenses that occasionally need to be addressed. Instead of charging a fee for the rides or a membership fee we would rather take your refundable recyclables.

All funds go directly to expenses such as server fees, year end BBQ, and fees to BNS.

Bring your refundable recyclables to a weekly ride or drop a line and we will be happy to take care of them for you.


Still looking for empties? If so I have some I can bring next ride.

Absolutely yes! We will see abou this Tuesday for riding. I was really hoping we would get some rain today. Not that one day would be enough, but it would a great start.

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Shubie is open, last I checked. :slight_smile:

What fees for BNS? If I may ask of course

We are an affiliated club of BNS and there is an annual fee for that. We also incur monthly server fees of course.

Ah. I didnt know that. Thanks for the info :slight_smile: I knew about the website costs, to be expected with a website :slight_smile:

Use the empty bottle money to buy more full bottles, drink those and have even more empties. Profit!


Math checks out.