Wednesday Evening Rides by the AVMBA

The AVMBA (Annapolis Valley Mountain Bike Association) are hosting Mountain Bike Rides every Wednesday evening. These rides happen throughout the many miles of awesome bike trails in the Annapolis Valley. The community in the valley is made of a great group of folks who are passionate, experienced and eager to show off the fruits of their trail building labour.

For more information on weekly location and times check out their facebook site at

Damn facebook!

I will do my best to update the site with locations etc. as I will be trying to make it to some of their rides as well. We need the weather to cooperate real soon.

No AVMBA ride this week, it’s been too wet and damp.
I’m hoping the weather next week is going to dry up so we can have another group ride on the 29th.

There is a killer 25km~ loop that gives a great mix of Valley mtb trails in the Kentville/Coldbrook area. :sunglasses:

There will also be group rides in Woodville, Gasperaeau, Wolfville, Cape Split and Falmouth during the season.

This weeks ride (June 5th) will be the great Cape Split trail.
We are meeting at the Port Pub in Port Williams just over the bridge at 6:15pm sharp, and then carpooling out to the start of the trailhead. Anyone who wants to just meet at the parking lot in Scots Bay should plan to be there at 6:45pm.
We will be returning to the Port Pub for snacks and cold beers after the ride.

Bring water, and at least a spare tube for the ride. It’s a long walk back out with a flat tire.

See you on Wednesday!

See you there!

AVMBA group ride this week will be in Woodville at the Links. The trails are in great shape after the race on the weekend, so let’s take advantage. Wednesday night meet at the upper parking lot at 6:45pm.

Posting the AVMBA group ride early this week.
We will be riding Cape Split, so be sure to bring some water, a spare tube and your XC legs. For those who have never joined in on an AVMBA ride, this is always a great time.
Meet at the Port Pub in Port Williams at 6pm sharp for carpooling. 6:30 at the Split parking lot. Beers after the ride at the Port Pub.

Oh yeah, I’m definitely down for this ride. Who is carpooling from Hali with me?

The weather is looking amazing for tomorrow. 27 and sunny in the Annapolis Valley. It will make for a great evening ride.
Hope to see a few riders from HRM come up for this ride!

Thanks for the reminder these exist. Can’t make it this weekend. Have a good ride.

August 14 Group ride: Starting from Valley Stove & Cycle in Wolfville. We’re going to go ride the sweet new trails at Reservoir Park.

Meet at the parking lot by Valley Stove & Cycle in Wolfville for 6:00. We’ll ride up to the park from there. This will be a mid pace ride, expect to do about 10 - 15km by the time were done.

Going to try to make it. Might have to meet at the park itself as I work until 5 in Dartmouth. Looking forward to the trails.

AVMBA group ride for this Wednesday night will be starting at the Gorge parking lot. The ride will start at 6:30pm. See you there!

Thanks for posting. Will try to make it.

Will be a great chance to pre-ride the trails for the upcoming Kentville Mountain Bike Fest!

Should be there! Might swing over to the Wolfville Reservoir park first for a peek at the new trails if time allows.

Thanks for the great ride last night

Thanks for coming out for the ride. Hopefully it gave you an idea of what a XC race lap will be like at the Gorge.

I was running a bit late so joined up with Ryan, Michelle, Geoff, Adam and Tom for a ride through the new Wolfville Reservoir Park. Beautiful night for a ride.