Weekend Riding

Looking for anyone to go riding with in the Halifax area this coming weekend! I just moved to Halifax from Australia and have just got a bike and want to start using it on some trails. If anyone has any suggestions on where to go in the region I’d love to know!

If you go to our main page and click on the trails link there are all sorts of trails. and / OR come out with us every tuesday at 7pm. we announce the rides here. welcome to NS.

Also, if you are into/want to give XC racing a go, there is a race in Gore this weekend that will include a citizen category if you just want to try it out. It’s also a great way to discover the trail.

Welcome to the wet land Up Over.

What kind of riding you looking for, wooly?

I usually ride whopper on Saturday, and Sunday, but the timing is usually more determined by family events etc… If I have enough advance notice, I will post an invite on the site once we get into the weekend.

Whopper is out by Bayers Lake with the entrance near the Burger King. First part is granite slab with some technical single track heading out to Suzies Lake and the power lines.

Thanks for the responses. I’d love to come out on Tuesdays but my work schedule isn’t all that favourable that’s why I’m looking for weekend stuff. I also don’t have a car (yet) and so want to do stuff with in riding distance of the city (I guess bayers lake is close enough) and/or car pool with others??
XC racing is a good suggestion though I might be a bit too late to do it this weekend but ill look into it!
Jeff - mainly looking at doing singletrack riding, i enjoy trails with a hit of speed! But if you do head up to bayers lake I’d love to come check it out if there’s someone to point out the good spots!

Wooly, my buddies and I are heading to the Fight Trail at 9:00 am on Saturday. It is a great trail system with something for everyone. You are welcome to join us. We have riders of all speeds and skill levels in our group.

Fight Trail is in Spryfield if you know where that is. If not I can help with directions

Hey Muddy, yeah that would be sweet! I’ll try to make it out there on time. Google has informed me spryfield is, where do you guys meet there? I don’t have a car but doesn’t seem too far of a ride - just more exercise!!

It might be easier if we meet at the Rubber Duck Car Wash just up the Herring Cove Road off the Parclo. It is not very far. I can drive us from there. I will be there at 8:50 to meet you. I will pm you my cell # in case.

I’m working Saturday, but I am getting out on a ride on Sunday. Have to stay local as I am having some dinner guests.

Is anyone riding Sunday in HRM?

Josh and I are doing some trail work with a short ride thrown in if the weather cooperates…

I hitting up some whopper at 10:30 ish.