Weekly Whopper Ride

I’m not riding this week due to a family dinner tonight. Have fun if you guys do go!

Looking to do this every thurs. night in the future, but this week is wed. night. Meeting at the trail head 7:00 pm sharp. Main trail, Playground, top of Shaw Shank, main trail to Lake Loop, back out main trail. Sure to be good times. Will turn into a night ride later in the year as long as we still have the trail. Tell your riding buddies!


Fun ride last night! Pretty decent turnout as well. Got out just before dark. Looking forward to next week.

This week is looking good! Meet at the trailhead at 6:30 pm to take advantage of the light. Probably the same route as last week, but we’ll see. Thursday night… be there!

Sounds good! See you there!

I probably won’t be riding this week in preparation for my little brother’s wedding, but I’ll be out again next week, hopefully with a working light in the future…

Five of us went last night and managed to find the lake trail (and back) without getting lost. We had two mechanicals - my chain and Diego’s flat tire and still managed to get back before dark. Great ride! I’m going to pack a saw next Thursday along with some lights.

See you all then!

See you all tonight. I’m going to try hit the trail by 6:30. And I’m bringing light.


Another great, but wet, ride lastnight. Mostly wet just from the foliage! Got out just as it got dark. Good times! See you guys next week.

Whopper Ride Tonight!!!
I just fixed up my light a fair bit so I have a hot spot and some run time again. Whoot! So, riding the goodness of Whopper starting at 7:30 this week. Working a bit later, but once it’s dark, it’s dark! I know a few can’t make it this week that usually do, so it definitely won’t be crowded by any means. C’mon out!