Weird crunching noise in my DH forks

First off, this may be in the wrong category.
So a few days ago I bought a 2007 DH ironhorse 7point3 off a guy, and just today when I was checking everything over before a ride at the gorge tomorrow, and I came across a very unpleasant noise, about 50-60% through the travel the forks make a very unpleasant crunching noise, my forks are the Marzocchi super t rcv, coil spring, one time this happened, my front tire locked up (which could of easily been me by accident, just thought I’d mention it). I figure it has to do with the fact that it’s an older coil. Is it an immediate issue?


Probably just the springs compressing and rubbing the stanchions. Or a potential catastrophic failure.

That’s, uhhhh… reassuring :no_mouth:

Well, you are talking about a 12 year old fork that has been put through God knows what kind of use.


I would certainly be taking it down, cleaning and greasing it and giving it a full safety checkover. I guess I appreciate my teeth, skull, collarbones and various body parts to not let a sketchy fork be what takes me out.


Alright thanks, will do