Wentworth/hostel trails


I’m wondering what the trails are like and what condition they are in. If anyone is planning a ride out there and would be willing to show me around ( MK ultra looks really interesting i’m looking to get confortable with gap jumps)


Last I rode the Hostel trails (2 years ago?) they were XC trails with no gaps or jumps that I recall.

I have hiked them last year and they were in good shape. The manager of the hostel led me around the trails and I’m sure would be happy to at least tell you the right route to do.


Not sure this is going to work. Here is my Strava track of what I rode last year there. It was a cool ride.


There was some fat biking going on up there this winter, haven’t seen anything posted since then though. Was some good DH sections when I was there last summer. No jumps or gaps that I recall, lots of tech though. Roots and rock gardens! Bring your climbing legs haha