Wentworth This Weekend

Anyone interested in showing me the trails around Wentworth this Saturday afternoon (hostel/hill)? I’m open to recommendations on where to go as well, if there isn’t interest in joining me for a ride.

The lady running the hostel was super helpful when I went up there earlier this summer and hooked me up with a (somewhat outdated)map (I think you might be able to print one off the internet as well).
I didn’t have a chance to do a ton of exploring, but I really enjoyed descending “Scallion Scramble”


There should be a lot of Strava ‘Heat’ in that area due to the many years of racing there.


Good idea.

I just did a ride in there. What I do now is download peoples GPX from Strava or the ride logs from TrailForks and use the Trailforks program on my Garmin Edge to guide me along the route. Then I don’t have to stop and dig out my phone or look at a soggy map. There is a new DH run in there called MK Ultra. It has some technical descents and some mandatory gap jumps. It was my first time on that trail today so I went slow and walked the gaps. It was also had wet roots keeping my speed in check. Check it out!