Anyone know if the owners of Ski Wentworth are okay with people riding on their land? I’m not interested in the ski trails themselves, but, from a hike up to High Head today, there appears to be a lot of trails that would be fun on a bike. For example, the signed snow shoe trail on the left of Chickadee would be a lot of fun. There’s also another trail that continues on below High Head to somewhere. And from TrailForks and Strava, there appear to be more. I’d like to go back with my bike later this week if that’s not frowned upon. Anyone know?

I know there are trails in Wentworth that are actively used for hiking and MTB but to my understanding they are on the other side. I’m not sure about the ski hill itself.

The main ski hill is off limits to biking.

There are trails that start at the Hostel that are fun. Check in with Andrew (manager of the hostel) he may be able to guide you through them. If so, say hi from Mike Phillips. He showed my around a few weeks ago.

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Phillips? I feel like when we learned that Kramer’s first name was Cosmo.



Thanks for the replies.

I went back this morning and started off on the trails by the hostel. They’re fun, but the lure of the big climbs on the other side of the valley got the better of me. I rode up to High Head, down the Chillkoot Bob trail, back to the top and around the XC ski trails to the other side and down Outer Limits. Got the trail names and routes from Strava and Trailforks. I was always outside the downhill ski area, so hopefully all good.

It was a great ride. I just wish I had more time. I ended up being an hour later rejoining my wife and kids than I was supposed to be and could easily have spent another hour or so!

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I’m pretty sure outside of the down hill slopes, you’re fine to ride up there. I chatted with the manager about it a few months ago and he was encouraging of me riding there. My sense was it wasn’t just an invite for me…