What about Lance?

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So what does everyone think about the Lance Armstrong doping allegations?

For me it’s a tough call. Lance was tested often and passed every time. His results were incredible and thus, inspired many riders. Kudos for that and his work with the Livestrong foundation.

Some folks have gone to extraordinary lengths to prove Lance’s guilt. I have to think that either Lance is guilty and brilliant in hiding his doping, or people are just out to get him unjustifiably.

There is a whole new crop of young riders and new doping issues, maybe we should focus on that.

We all knew even then that he is as guilty as shit

on the fence, the people he beat were dopers, then think of the good he did for cancer research… youknow the french are still mad…

When 11 of his team mates come out against him, which also destroys their own careers/credibitliy, its hard to be on his side any more.

Doping didn’t take him from a loser to a winner alone, he worked incredibly hard. But if he cheated… he cheated.

Even though he has tested negative throughout his career it is hard to believe he didn’t partake. Especially when it seems to be that a high percentage of pro road riders dope. If he did dope, and beat a bunch of other doped riders that almost seems like a fair playing field.

My big question is why focus on Lance and not Indurain or today’s pros like Ryder. Armstrong is no longer competing at that level. I’m inclined to say forget Lance. Let’s focus on the crop of new riders in making sure they’re clean, so ‘going forward’ (thats for bignose!) the sport will no longer be tarnished by these scandals

Meh… who cares… the guys blood was a bit enhanced with extra oxygen. The term ‘doping’ blows the whole thing out of preportion, imo.

extra oxygen means extra giver’ which could change the face of things.
doper and non doper race up a hill. non doper has 20 seconds of ano threshold to give and doper has 25 seconds of ano threshold to give, plus there’s a good chance doper will recover from the effort quicker.
who’s going to win?

does this mean that instead of calling em rodies, i can just call em dopers? :wink:

HCHT, the same would hold true for the athlete that is feeding his body better before a race… more bio available fuel in the tank equals advantage. Also, there are those that naturally have more hemoglobin, so they have the advantage… is that an unfair competetive edge?

In the end, it appears that alot of these guys try and gain some advantage but it shouldn’t discount Armstrong’s unparalleled training regime… to me, that is what made him a 7 time champion.

I think they are trying to take him down versus the riders of today to show how seriously they need a poster boy to clean the sport. Good luck. It ain’t getting cleaner.

@bornagainken - your argument about eating better being the same as adding more blood to your body via doping… well… it doesn’t really make sense. Its an obvious fact they are different. One is something you do naturally, one is something that is very unnatural. Re hemoglobin : no its not unfair. Some riders have longer legs too or wider heads (aerodynamics !! :slight_smile: ).

They are different but also the same… ( I know, don’t ya hate dichotomies http://resource.pedaltrout.com/old_site_images/4ae6aa98aa63363c16ea74f927696bd9.gif )… if I discovered a food that increased the capacity of my hemoglobin, would that be cheating? If I bring up my level of hemo capacity to that of another rider that has it ‘naturally’, is that unfair or levelling the field?

Getting away from hypotheticals, to me the marginal advantage in boosting ones hemo, pales in comparison to the training regime. It was well documented that Lances was beyond compare… to me that made him worthy of championships. Hard work=success. It wasn’t like he was trying to do it the easy way.

I guess it’s too bad we’ll never know definitively whether he would have won on training alone… my guess is he would have.

Nike has dropped him, as well as, he has stepped down as chairman of Livestrong.

Hypothetically, if TdF does strip him of his titles, how are they going to find another rider who hasn’t doped to claim them?

Add Trek and Bush beer to the mix. Honey stinger has also removed him from the packaging.
It is too bad his ego was bigger than Texas. if it wasn’t no one would have cared.
I hate that they destroyed an iconic hero though. Sucked that he doped, but it still doesn’tchange the fact that his inspiration changed my life in so many positive ways.

Good thing my hero was always Mr. Bean…

Seriously though, we all gotta pay the piper for what we done. I’m sure he’ll be the scapegoat only because he was so good for so long. Got to set a precident.

At least Bush and Nike said they’ll still gonna support LiveStrong. Thats a good thing [tm].

@riderx: re finding new winners. Yup. Good luck.

Maybe we can use this as a silver lining, and its really the shakeup everyone has been wanting.

Of the seven other riders who shared the podium with him in his 7 wins, 6 have been caught for doping. Seems like everyone was doing it. Sounds like it was a pretty level playing field.

The evidence against him seems pretty strong. Can’t see why his teammates would lie. If he did, the worst part is his consistent denial, rather than stepping up.

Lance did a lot to sell road bikes. Wonder if road biking will take a hit as a result.

Hopefully it won’t hurt mountain biking. He did do Leadville a couple of times. I still like the Vanilla Gorilla better, even if Lance did beat him once.

Vanilla Gorilla?