What do I need to look for when buying a new wheel set?

I really want to get a new wheel set over the winter but im not sure what I should be looking for when it comes to hubs and making them work with my bike. I know I want 27.5’s but that’s really about it. I have a new set of minions I would like to put on them as well. they are 2.50wt. there was a set of race face arc24 boost wheels on here I was going to look at but im not sure if they would work on my bike.

would anyone be able to explain to me what comes into play when looking for new wheels? im riding a 2018 giant reign 2

TLDR: I have no idea what im doing. what comes into play when buying a wheel set for your bike that will work? lol.

Here’s some key factors to consider for your bike:

Hub spacing - 110x15 mm front (boost), 148x12 mm rear (boost)
Rim size: 27.5". If you want to run 2.5" WT Minions a minimum internal rim width of 30mm is recommended.

Spoke count can be tweaked based on your weight and riding style, but you really can’t go wrong with 32 double tapered spokes laced 3-cross per wheel.


Wide rims. Good hubs. I would certainly be looking on Chain Reactuon or Jensen or Worldwide Cyclery for Hope, DT or Spank wheelsets with 30 to 37 mm internal width for 2.5 to 2.8 inch tires.


Or support a local bike shop that sponsors and supports the development of the trails you ride and cycling events you may participate in as well as participating in efforts to expand cycling in your area.
By the time you pay duty and taxes, I would rather pay a slight premium to support the local cycling scene.
Also your local bike shop could probably look at your bike and its specs for you and recommend you some wheel options that would fit your needs and your bike. Eliminates the worry of possibly making an international return as well.


Once parts are a available one of the forum sponsors builds wheels. @supercraig and Ironstone Cyclery

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@supercraig I know times are weird right now but do you have a rough estimate when that might be?

@JOsh Ironstone Cyclery is permanently closed. I’m in the process of taking down the website. The COVID demand for new bikes has put a real kink in my supply chains. I’ll likely be reopening in the future (once public health restrictions are lifted) for bike fitting, but wheel building is done. Sorry I can’t help you.

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Aw man thats to bad :disappointed: im sorry to hear that.

Last I checked all the local shops are doing very very very well. So well that you may be hard pressed to get a wheelset local. When the “premium” is in the hundreds of dollars I’m sure no consumer will complain. I buy lots local to be fair, it’s also about what local shops have access too. I’m certain everyone can spend a bit online and cycling will still grow.


Heading to the bike monkey tomorrow to order a set of industry nines :sunglasses::sunglasses::sunglasses:


Wheels ordered. Thanks for the help guys!!