What do you do to keep fit?

Unfortunately the past couple of winters I’ve been trying to survive mental hell at work. It seems to have stripped me of my motivation and my energy and ALL of my fitness. This winter I’ve been trying to get fit by working on changes to get back in the game mentally first. Once I can get my head where it needs to be hopefully the body will follow.

There are a lot of cyclists who put their bikes away until Spring but manage to stay in top shape when they come back out.

Me, I still ride a bit off road , xc ski and snowshoe, and even ride the trainer, but come Spring I struggle to get the bike legs back under me.

How do you do it?

I can’t talk because I commute. I used to xc ski and snowshoe as well, but Halifax doesn’t get winter… only mess. If it helps, I know we had a record winter so far selling trainers and trainer tires. I couldn’t see myself doing it, though.

Go indoor rock climbing and boxing?

call of dutie(keeps the reflexes sharp), and i occasionally have access to an indoor skate ramp. plus, weather permitting i’ll do the 5-10 min windsprint to work on the bike. usually i’m pretty depleted after a seasons worth riding so the layoff helps me alot. to the point that sometimes i feel stronger in the begining of the season.

Things are changing with the weather so much that my traditional winter activities have all changed as well.

I used to snowshoe and hit the gym, but the past two years I’ve just kept riding. I haven’t even been on my skates in over a year. My trainer gets occasional use, but not a whole lot. I guess I can say I just keep riding for my main form of fitness.