What is Trek up to? Find out March 19


New material for bike frames? Or does Trek just want your e-mail. We will know in a few days.


My guess is Graphene. They introduced this years ago. :thinking:


Chromium and molybdenum


These guys make some guesses. My thoughts, it’ll be another name for another variant of carbon fibre. One person made the innegra suggestion. This is too flexible and heavier than carbon in my experience. My boat is made from basalt innegra.


The future is now…


“ A change like this comes once every 30 years”
I don’t think they can hype this up enough, just look at the trek mtb catalogue from 1989, and all the mountain bike technology that’s happened since. I have huuuuge expectations from them now, no way a new frame material can fulfill that🤓


Yeah, I don’t think I can get excited over a frame material no matter how revolutionary.


“change cycling forever” Pretty tall claim, I will prepare to be underwhelmed.


The cynic in me tells me it’s going to be carbon 2.0 with a veneer of eco-friendliness(made with 0.25% whale oil and panda sp*rm, all employees will be given rejected frames to burn), 5-10% more laterally stiff/vertically compliant, 2% lighter and 20-30% more expensive. It’ll be twice as durable but be 25% more fragile at the same time (if you ride it off road or expose it to moisture or sunlight) and as such, require new bottom bracket/seattube/headtube standards/dropout spacing standards…oh also there won’t be any cable guides so that all bikes sold will have wireless components


I hope one of these front tires is 29 and the other 27.5+. Just to check all boxes, ya know.


And maybe a new sub category of a sub category of which there are European and North American versions.


Thanks for the link. I actually miss when cycling, MTB specifically, was that simple. I actually have the Trek 5000 in that catalogue. It was made by kestrel and every ‘smooth’ lug was a gob of bondo. I built it up and it rode like a cinder block. Maybe even harsher.


Maybe like, an acoustic version of an


haha Jokes on us! https://wavecel.trekbikes.com/us/en_US/


They really shoulda pushed the announcement out to April 1st.


Especially with that price tag of $400!


Promptly unsubscribing from their email list.


Yeah, you and lots of other folks I’m sure. I didn’t bother as I was sure there was no way of not finding out what the big thing was.


If they really cared they wouldn’t charge a premium for it. So cynical of Trek.