What kind of event should we host?

Wow! Those are really great ideas. I’m partial to the scavenger hunt and the camping. And the endurance race…and… so many great things to choose from! http://resource.pedaltrout.com/old_site_images/e26e97a318f82ec144b0818e5a8f8edb.gif

So we’ve been tossing around some ideas for events next year. I’m wondering what people would be interested in. Some ideas: an endurance race, a weekend camping tour, an after school short track for kids, a family type event like a bike rodeo, movie nights, fun events like a bicycle scavenger hunt or a Poker run, skills clinics, trail days. Any thoughts? What would you like to see the most? Any other suggestions?

poker run or scavenger hunt sound fun I’m also partial to endurance races and so does a campi ng trip

do we have to pick 1

I like endurance races, but that is not the event that brings people to the cycling world. A short track would probably be popular if it was marketed to people who don’t normally race.

Why can’t you combine the endurance race with family type event. My wife and 2 children (3yr old and 5yr old) came with me to Gore and Campbellton and hung out around the starting area for most of both events. It would of been sweet if these events had activities for the family members sitting around.

That is not a bad idea - whatever we do I’d like it to be very inclusive and something that will help more people develop an interest in riding bikes.

Great ideas folks… my brain is smoking with the new action!
Stay tuned we are on to something very great already and you guys may have just made it very much improved… but where will ever find enough Duct tape to go around??

I like the skill clinics and camping ideas :slight_smile:

A 2 day mountain bike ride with camping in teh middle.