What tires does everyone run?

Looking to buy a pair this weekend and I am looking for recommendations. Internal rim width: 30mm, current front tire is 2.4 high roller II and 2.3 in the rear. Looking into: minions, magic Mary’s, Michelin wild enduros, etc. Any suggestions?


I’m pretty happy with my Minions. I run 29x3.0 in the summer and 26x4.8" in the winter.


Currently running 2.5" High Roller 2 in the front, and 2.5 Assegai in the rear.

Going to switch to 2.5" Assegai in the front and 2.5" Aggressor in the rear when these wear out.

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High Roller in the Rear and a Hans Dampf up front and on the XC bike WTB Bronson front and rear. New bike is coming with Forecasters in 2.6x29


How wide are your rims?

28mm internal. They work great.

I was looking into wide trail tires and wasn’t sure how the tire profile would be on 30mm. I guess they will be great then! Thanks

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My new bike came with 2.3 DHF front and DHR 2 rear. I have less than 100kms on them. I find them a bit too stiff. I run 16psi front and 17 rear but they aren’t compliant enough for my liking. When I run less pressure they leak fluid so I assume they are burping. I find they don’t absorb the small roots and rocks very well. Rim internal width is 30mm.

Going carbon?

What rubber compound do they use? I always thought they would be super tacky tires but I guess not.

2.3 is a very narrow tire for a 30mm rim, I wonder if that would change it, I run a 2.3 in the rear and the side knobs are ripping off after not much use. Could be the tire profile, but I have never had a ride with them.

This is what it says on Giant’s website. Maxxis Minion DHF 29x2.3, 60 tpi, EXO, TR [R] Maxxis DHR II 29x2.3, 60 tpi, EXO, TR,

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I run a 2.6 butcher front and a 2.6 Purgatory rear, grip casing, they are awesome, and cheap. I run these on alloy wheels in spring/fall mostly.

For summer and racing I have a set of light carbon wheels and 2.35 XR2’s which I like a lot as well.

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Maxxis Minion DHR II 29x2.3 on the front. Michelin Force on the rear. The Maxxis tires are good, but they are expensive and their warranty is as useless as tits on a bull, so I have a set of Michelins to try now. My rear Maxxis was toast after two rides if I remember correctly.

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I have just removed a set of WTB Vigilantes 2.3 tough, high grip. They were a great tire for pretty much everything around here. I replaced them with a Michelin Wild Enduro front and Wild AM rear, 2.4 and 2.35 respectively ( I was wanting both front and rear Enduros but the wait for a rear was going on a little long). I’ve had two rides on them, both at Fight, and I’m liking them. Good grip and they set up well tubeless.

Maxxis DHF 2.5 WT 3c on the front, Maxxis Aggrssor 2.3 3c on the rear on 28mm internal rims 30-35 PSI
Maxxis Recon+ 2.8 3c front and rear on 35mm internal rims at 20 PSI

I also like Schwalbe Magic Mary 2.3 Front and Schwalbe Rock Razor 2.3 rear rand well on 28mm internal rims

Schwalbe magic mary’s front and rear. 2.3 on 30mm internal rims. I always run a magic Mary up front and was sick of chewing through rear tires so I put one in the back to get some life out of my rear tire. I went through a rock razer in a month, a nobby nic in a month and a half, and I got 2 months out of a hans dampf. That’s too much money in tires a year. The magic mary is good for a season in the rear although by fall it’s pretty much a semi slick. Fight and whopper are hard on tires.

I find the Nobby Nics to not last very well.

I have read some things about them! Seem like a great tire. I’m considering a pair.

2.3 High Roller II in the front and a 2.3 Aggressor in the rear, both dual compound. I might be giving up a bit of grip not running the 3C compound (not that I’ve noticed though) but the tires last decently long and the side knobs don’t rip off like the 3C’s are known for doing. This is my second pair, and when these eventually wear out they will probably get replaced with the same thing again.

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