What tires does everyone run?


I guess I’ll have to wait and see if they last. I get a discount on them so that made the choice a little easier. I think with all this rock in the city you are going to want something with good strong sidewalls and that will push up the weight and price. The WTB’s were a heavy tire but held up well. There are a lot of good options out there, almost to many. Halifax riders need a tire that can handle everything. Go strong casing and high grip and you should be ok, just start saving for a new rear for next year!


I run tubeless Specialized Butcher Grid 2.3 front and back, sometimes a purgatory on the back. Cheaper than most other brands, readily available at local bike stores, and they have good grip in the combined mud/ granite HRM riding. Downside, they wear out relatively quickly and lose grip once worn past mid life.


Just pulled the trigger on a pair of Michelin wild enduro gum-x 2.4 tires. Good reviews and is different than the increasingly common minion and other big tires. Hopefully will be a good investment, and at a sale price of almost half that if a minion I think it is a good deal. I’m excited to see how they are!


I would love to try the Minions but they are quite expensive. I don’t think you’ll be disappointed with the Enduros though. The one I have up front has held on to everything it’s clawed over so far. We’ll have to compare notes at the end of the season ( hopefully they last that long)


I am going to give the Minions a good long try before I throw on a pair of hans dampf’s that have been hanging around on and off my old Anthem. Curious to hear how the Michelin’s perform.


27.5 2.4 maxis high roller 2 front and rear they work well tubeless idk about tubes though


I couldn’t find any reviews regarding the longevity of them. Fingers crossed they hold up!


I will post a review thread if people are interested. Michelin has just started making their come back so there haven’t been many reviews of them. If they work well they could be my new favourite, and possibly a cheaper alternative to most expensive tires. At $80 the wild enduros are a bargain for what you get it seems! Will keep you posted when I get out for a few rides on them.


Kenda Nevegals have been my go-to tires for a long time. Typically run 2.1’s or 2.35 in front and 2.1 in back.

Now that I’m on 27.5+ tires, options are more limited. Currently running the stock Specialized Purgatory 3.0’s. Grip with the plus size tires seems pretty great.


That Bontrager I bought from CS held up well since I bought it last yr. drag it to quebec and fight trail regularly and I’m still using it, very good grips even when it’s wet and bought it for like 60+ bucks.

I’m using Maxxis HR on my back though heard there good at grip but won’t last that long. Would willing to try Michelin if it has good reviews on it.
Had Schwalbe Magic Mary and Ron before too Really light and good for racing.


I tear though my high rollers especially on the rear, that’s part of the reason I don’t want to buy them again. Hoping the new tires will hold up ok. Who knows, if they work I could start a bit of a trend lol. The granite is hard on tires so I’m not sure what to expect.


Something from schwalbe. I found the bontrager tires are good for the money if you pick the right tread for the terrain. Got a huge tote filled with Michelins, tiogas, contis, specialized, and bontrager if anyone wants them. All 26".


I really like my Michelin wild ams, but they are a pain to get on the rim.


I’ve run Grip’rs, Rock’rs, Racers (probably one of my favourite Michelin tires) and now Enduro and Wild AM and they have all been tough to get on and off. If you run tubes you’ll want a good strong set of tire irons.


Maxxis Advantage 2.4 EXO on the trail bikes, Kenda Nevegal 2.5 on the DH bike and some Maxxis Hookworm 2.5 on one bike…


I’ve run pannaracers. Maxxis minion dhf and high roller. And now I am running wild ams


A trick that sometimes works is to put the wheel on the ground in front of you, while seated, with both hands on the tire together at the top. Then forcefully push the tire downward, working your hands down the wheel either side. That will often create enough slack to push the tire on with your thumbs.


Got the new tires on. So far I’m loving them, but that could also be because I was basically running slicks lol. I will post an informal review after I ride them for a while.