What's your post ride routine?

Figured I’d post this to see if anyone had any other ideas I may be overlooking after a good ride.

My routine:

  1. remove mud and dirt as required (applies to bike and self)
  2. oil chain
  3. pack bike and store gear in “ready state” for emergency get away type situations
  4. replace fluids and calories by consuming anything within arms reach (liquid or solid state)
  5. place clothing in laundry wondering if that mud stain will really come out
  6. shower/bathe (can be combined with number 4 if required)
  7. Continue consuming fluids prior to resting in preparation for next ride.

Whaddid I forget?


Mine’s got a few less steps:

  1. Hang Bike.
  2. Turn On Grill
  3. Shower
  4. Open Beer
  5. Throw something on grill.
  6. Open another beer.

Tossed wins the prize for the most perfect answer ever given to any question ever asked on the internet

I’d just switch step 3 and 4. Nothing more luxurious than a beer in the shower.

nailed it