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So Im selling my old wheel set i was running on my 2018 giant reign 2 with a Rockshox Yari fork. A buddy of mine is interested in them but he has a fox 36 for a fork.

We just tried to put them on his bike and the back one seemed to line up but the front one wouldn’t fit. Seemed like it was too wide at the hub.

When i bought the wheels new they made sure they knew what fork i was putting them on and i assume thats because theres a certain part they needed to work with the Yari.

Is there a different part we would need to make this work on the fox 36? Is it even possible to make these work on the fox 36? God, bikes are confusing. :joy:

Any info is greatly appreciated as i have no clue what I’m doing.

Edit: pretty sure we solved the problem. We need fox torque caps. Anyone know where i can get my hands on some?

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That includes the spacer you’ll need to relocate the brake rotor as well as the hub spacers. There’s also a center lock version if you have center lock rotors.


Thanks a lot!

No problem man, those Problem Solvers products are sold at local shops too so it might be worth calling around. The part number for the 6-bolt rotor version is HU0951 and center lock version is HU0230 I believe.


Your the man.

Can’t stand how many different options there are within the mountain bike industry. I miss BMX stuff. Times were far simpler.


I don’t think they are made by the fork manufacturer. You will likely have to look for parts for the hub. Convert it back to standard hub end caps.

When I purchased my Chromag Phase30 wheels, they came with end caps for both Fox and RockShox forks. Should be possible to find for your wheels.

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Do you mean “non-torque” end caps? Rock Shox uses the torque cap with its forks. If the previous fork was RS then the hub likely has the torque caps installed. What you need is a set of standard thru-axle end caps. What model is your hub? They should be easy to find.

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Im pretty sure its the industry nine 1/1 hub. This is the wheel set i have.

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Thanks a lot man!

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