Where do you get shirts like ..... that?

I wanna get me a few T-shirts, like Fox, Shimano and the like. I don’t work at a bike shop so I’m not privy to swag from the salesguys etc.

Where do you source them?

apparently west49 is one place.

Chain Reaction have a lot of that stuff on their site too… Where’s West49? I’d love to get a few groovy jerseys too and would rather buy locally…

NVM… found their website.

We are looking into another run of Pedaltrout jerseys in the near future.


“No shipping outside the US or to military bases”

Ebay is a good source as well…

many of your LBS’s have the ability to order them for you, if they don’t already have them on their clothing racks as stock.

You can get FOX clothing at Winners from time to time

+1 for Winners

Know you guys won’t care, but I got a great pair of Craft Attack Elite bibs at Winners for $44. Who’da thunk it?

I’ve heard of some good deals at winners. Every time I check I come up empty, but that’s just like when I go fishing.