Where to find a Hydrapak bite valve?

I have a hydration pack that came with a Hydrapak bladder, and it works great. My kids decided to use it as their personal water cooler, and in the process, chewed on the bite valve so it leaks now.

I have checked in a couple of shops, and each one only carried Camelbak accessories, and they won’t fit Hydrapak stuff.

Anyone out there know where I might find a bite valve to fit, or am I resigned to ordering one online???

I can check tomorrow at work for you

MEC did carry Hydrapak stuff, not sure of that’s still the case.

Go my replacement valve at MEC

I lost my Platypus bite valve on Farside today. (Cost me a really good time on Strava too while I stopped to look for it. lol) Green isn’t the best color to locate on the ground in there this time of year. I’ll have to go to MEC at some point since they also sell Platypus stuff.

There is a place on Quinpool Road that has stuff like that I think it’s called the trail shop

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