Where to ride when wet?

Hey gang, just wondering about best places to ride near HRM when things are wet. I don’t care about myself/bike-hoping to avoid excess trail damage. I seem to gravitate towards fight trail due to high granite to dirt ratio.

Yep, fight is definitely the place to go when wet.

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For the group rides we tend to do:

  • McDonald Sport Park - double track mostly but a good leg workout.
  • Shubie Park - double track, crusher dust
  • Whopper - Playground and Lake Loop are fairly resilient. (I would stay off Farside, and Lake Loop West exit to power lines)

These tend to be shorter rides and beginner to intermediate level.

Also, I would say Evil Birch has a lot of granite and not much traffic so it might be an option for you.

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Thanks for suggestions guys!

Yep Evil Birch drains really well. I’ve been there after a rain storm and it was relatively dry.

Whopper Main Trail/Playground
First Lake/Second Lake (crusher dust) in Sackville
Halifax Skate Park for skills practice.

I would say the best place is actually Wrandees because it drains so well and there is no dirt. Downside…no dirt…all roots and rocks. Every time I ride there I realize how out of shape I am.

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Yeah, I was going to say that wrandees is a good choice, definitely up your game trying to ride all those off-angle roots when they’re wet. Might hit it up tomorrow if I don’t do Sambro again.

I was over there last year and was amazed at how dry it was. Seems like there is little to no traffic on these trails anymore which seems to make a huge difference.