Where's Crazyfrenchbikr?

Or HamburgerHed? I have a bunch of ecmtb threads printed off, maybe I should scan them and post them for old times? :smiley:

That would be awesome!

i would love to see those… i casually follow your FB posts on those as well… interesting stuff for sure… :wink:

Nah, its mostly just people bragging about stuff they’ve wrecked who would later turn up looking for warrantry(sp).
One of my faves is the kid who crashed his face doing something stupid at the former walmart parking lot in sackville and then his dad came in with the busted helmet to get it replaced. “He only crashed it once” etc etc.

(like my BNS files, I never throw anything out. I’ve got 2 binders of warranty records at work going back to 2000)

You could black out the names but please share the stories!!!