Who has been on a good trail to ride lately?

Rode Uniacke estate today. for themost part it is in prime riding condition. There was this just a 1km hike a bike section that I encountered. Only because I made a navigation error.
I think I may have to get me a sled like Spins and do some trail grooming in there.

Spider Lake: is Questionable some trails are packed others need more traffic.
The Main road is a disaster the 4 wheelers chewed it up when it was slush leaving big ruts.

I was thinking Jimmy’s Round Top would be packed and les likely to rut up.
I think I will check that out today.

I took a hike around Long lake last week. It looks like some good riding. Uniacke Estate may be at it’s peak right now also.

Jimmy’s was Ok soft packed no ice.
Hemlock Ravine was good hard packed single track.

I’m shocked that Jimmys even still exists! It seemed like it was doomed to become a subdivision long ago!

Wher’s this to?

Jimmys is down around the 3 Brooks Subdivision - Tantallon-ish. Used to be a favourite ride/race trail back in the day. The best thing about it was the sandy terrain - it was always wet so you could ride it in any condition.

I shall pay it a visit perhaps this coming summer then. Thanks.

Ah! next summer we will go for a winter run Its the best time.
Its a Rally road

I wouldn’t mind a refresher - it must be 10 or 15 years since I’ve been in there!

Sue, was the last time you rode there when you were 8 years old or something?

Haha, right! Thanks Aaron - that would have put me at mid-to-late twenties, though. Oh to be 8 again!