Who is doing Gore?

Gorefest is just around the corner.
Who’s going.
I am on the fence leaning towards not, mostly due to the new move and having a lot to do and also factoring in, is the price being a tad high.

Price is a bit high, but I think with lower numbers they needed to do it. I’m guessing this year will be a turning point for Gore where its gonna get huge again. They’ve been doing more advertising than ever and looks like one hell of an event. I’m going.

I think by moving it to Saturday they are going to lose numbers. Hope not, but from an organizers point of view Sunday is a better day.
I hope they succeed, but paying more than $50 for an event like that is out of my price range. I could ride the heart of the valley tour, get a free jersey and a half chicken dinner for $40.
For the record, the last thing I would do after either event is sit down to a meal…Would have to find me some ice cream!!

There is a lot of specualtion about all of the event changes. I’m trying to be in favor of them just to be a devil’s advocate. It might be rough the first year but if it sinks in, i see positives. I know at the end of the race its always a shitty feeling to just be sitting around for the prizes to be handed out. Mixing them in with the festival feeling on the same night might be great. Also, it gives everyone the whole day to get to know each other and then may make the party even livlier… who knows.

I like your optimism!

I signed up for the Middleton Heart of the Valley ride instead. Closer to the new home. Only draw back is that is is a road ride.