Who "owns" a trail or has the right to change it?

yes i’m a little guilty of stirring the pot, not as bad as i used to, but sometimes smacking a bees nest with a stick gets something done.

heh yeah you get chased by a swarm of bees hell bent on stinging your silly ass :slight_smile:

A long dead thread, but whith some new info on the trail that
started it all. The trail now has jumps without cheater
lines(there’s no room since the ridge is so narrow). One is large
and points you off into the great abyss if you have too much

The first one is brand new and on the straight section of the
ridge, it isn’t that large, but given the drops on each side of the
ridge, it is intimidating. It is possible to roll it, but the way
that it has been built leaves a wheel trap on the other side which
sucks. A nice medium speed will give you a level launch and place
you in the centre of the trail for landing. It would be prudent to
roll/walk it first to get a feel for it. I want to build on a back
half for those that want to roll this, as it’s currently lousy for
anyone that doesn’t want to get air.

The second jump is a replacement for a jump that previously
existed. It links the first and second berms in the lower section.
It looks like an absolute monster on approach, with the elevation
appearing to be over three feet due to the contour of the trail. It
is closer to 18" in elevation in reality. This one is much more
dangerous, as it points you off of the ridge for the launch, and
with too much speed, you’ll be in big trouble. Again, a medium
speed, keeping to the right side on takeoff, will set you up for
the next berm. I really dislike the construction on this one and
there’s lots of potential for bad things to happen here. Please
walk this one first! I crashed by being too far left the first time
and wasn’t able to keep it on the trail when I landed. When I came
off the bike I slid several feet down the side of the hill, I
wasn’t going fast at all. This badly needs to be made roll-able, or
someone is going to get seriously hurt.

I’m annoyed that the builders/modifiers think that it’s alright to
make a trail unrideable if you don’t want to get air.

that sounds alot better than people leaning questionable rotted wood against a rock to build a jump. (lol) i agree though there has to be a grounded go around.