Whopper at 3ish? (updated)

Anyone want to ride whopper @3?

I’ll be entering from da minion but could meet people at top of scrubbed granite.

(was 2 but updated this to 3ish, since I’m running late)

@rolls, @Dominator, @Jetter, @Chris_Dwyer-perkins, @Nathan, @xaero ?

I didn’t see the post until it was too late. How bad was the fire damage?

Nothing but Death March was touched. I didn’t hit Death March though.

I ended up riding with some guys up from PEI and took them on a tour of Suzies Lake and out Lake Loop West. Good fun.

Pretty sure I’m heading out again tomorrow afternoon if you feel like getting a ride in.

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I’d love to but I’m pretty sure Denise and I are going kayaking tomorrow.

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Think I’ll be heading in there early tomorrow. Maybe before 9 if anyone is interested.

On the way out I ran into two guys riding whopper on unicycles. Interesting.