Whopper Conditions

Is it still ridable? It was mentioned a commerative ride there and wondering if it’s worth it.

I was even thinking possibly this Tuesday as part of the Group ride…

I was there today, no problems. I didn’t venture down to the playground though.

I have to disagree here. I was there last night and the excavator has been through the woods and down some of the trails.

Interestingly, someone has smoothed out the very first rill in from the parking lot. Two weeks ago it was impossible to ride. Now you would never know it used to be like that. Also, the boulder at the top of that hill that blocked the trail has been removed. A little further up the trail, just before you come to that first step up that 99% of us cannot ride, is the first sign of the excavator path. Just before you get to that step up is where it crossed the trail for the first time. It has uprooted a bunch of trees and although you can ride past them someone is going to get a derailleur ripped off. After that spot there is no further sign of the excavator unless you head to Shawshank. I am not sure of the name of the trail but on the main trail there are a couple of low lying bridges and one has been just rebuilt, there is a spot to go left off the main trail and head to the Shawshank through one of the Poker Run Trails. Eventually you will come to the top of a big rock face where you will drop into the woods. From here to the start of the Shawshank is now totally unrideable and the trail is gone. At the start of the Shawshank there is a six foot drop that can no longer be ridden and as far as I could see down the trail it was uprooted trees. From there I headed to the Lake Loop and saw zero signs of any construction/land clearing etc.

On a positive note this was posted just a few pedal turns down the Lake Loop.

I rode whopper into lake loop, finished the loop and rode whoppper out. No issues whatsoever. Even the beginning of the “hard section” is navagatable, but a hatchet on some of the roots would help. 5 mins work max. I shot some vid ill post up later.

Looking forward to the video!

Mike and I went in today and cut down trees and removed logs etc, should be all passable now.