Whopper Dropper - Poisonous Plants

Merino is pretty smart :slight_smile:

I took a ride over my handlebars into some bushes at whopper. Ever since then my arms have been covered in an itchy rash. I’m not sure if its co-incidental or not, but does anyone know if there are any itchy plants out that way?


Any blisters or anything? Where did you go over the bars? Any other notable plants/features there that stand out???

It was getting dark and I didn’t look aroud much at the time. They felt like blueberry pushes but I rolled thru them at a good clip :slight_smile: It was closer to the entrance, by that first off kilter rock that you have to approach from the right hand side on the way in.

As for skin texture, it looks like plucked chicken skin.

Well doctor said “its an allergic reaction to something” loaded me up with cream and anti histamines.

Allergic to endos?

I think thats it.

There are both poison ivy and poison oak around. I know of someone who had an encounter with poison oak at Whopper (or it might have been Evil Birch, but same vicinity) several years ago - he was a mess for a week or more. I had a poison ivy encounter in my backyard a couple of summers ago and it looked like something ate a hole right into my leg - I still have scar tissue there. It was more painful than itchy and I thought it was a spider bite. My doc was very familiar with it though, and diagnosed poison ivy right away. Not nice.

I have gotten a similar rash to the one you describe many times and I’m fairly certain it’s from blackberry bushes. Any chance that’s what you encountered?

I’ll have to go back and have a look at what I rolled thru. I did have a full sweater and jacket on tho so I’m starting to suspect it was just some allergic reaction and not necesarily trail related.

(and its almost gone)

Maybe it was the sweater? Ye need tae git yersel’ some Smartwool!