Whopper Dropper Ride

Enjoy Whopper in all it’s rocky goodness while you can. I really need to get out there soon… It’s only bout a 15 or 20 minute ride from home!

Eric and I had a ride at Whopper Dropper Friday night. We thought it might be a little wet from a sprinkle of rain the night before but conditions were good. I can’t tell you the last time I was at WD. It had to have been in the spring before other trails were suitable for riding. I really enjoyed the ride as I think Eric did also. We were coming out of the playground and heading for Whopper Dropper. Eric took one path and I took the other and we met up. As with every ride, you hope for progression and I was able to get over some obstacles that I hadn’t before. I managed to climb a hill that I’ve always struggled with and met Eric at the top with him on the other side of the bridge. Then we carried on. We ran into Matt, Amanda, and Gus, their black lab on the trail as well as a few other folks passing through. We made it into the WD and while we were there, noticed a tree down on the trail to the left of WD. Someone may have to go in there with a chainsaw to remove that some time. All in all a good ride that we really enjoyed. Too bad it is getting dark so early.

big machines also smoothed out the power lines a bit. the climb up from the end of lakota , all the way back to the big ass puddle , just before getting back to the main trail is way smoother and somewhat dryer than it used to be.

We rode WD on Saturday, April 16th. I had a “hat-trick” of accomplishments on that ride: 1) I rode into the trailhead and up the big granite rock hill to the top; 2) I went down the big steep granite hill in the playground; and 3) I rode down the rock that is directly across from the bridge leading into the playground. I’ve ridden down this rock once before but haven’t since since I get a little freaked out by it. We had fun and did alot of riding that day. Good times!