Whopper: Spring Trail Work

I’ve been riding the Suzie Lake Trail, Death March, and that trail that follows the power lines for years. I see that there are some folks out there who are doing a bit of work in this area. I’m willing to help with any work that needs to be done this spring. I have a chainsaw and work a long week short week shift schedule. You can text me at 902 802 8839. Wayne


@Wayners, I’m going to hijack your post a bit. I hope you don’t mind. Also, sometime this week we will be trying to move some bridges off the zone of destruction and into Suzie Lake Trail.

Here is a whopper map folkes. What needs fixing? I already added some. Feel free to update this map. Or let me know and I can do the same.

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Just my humble opinion, but Death March used to rock. It now has grown in considerably and there are some spots in need of a little TLC.

I would be more than happy to help with trimming back some of the stuff that has grown in and fixing it up overall as it seems to be in an area that will not be steamrolled for development and could become a sweet trail like it once was.

I am also up for helping in any of the other areas if I can make the set work times…


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We have to find a way in somehow too. Ideally on the same side as the main Burger King entrance that we use now

@muddy, I live in Lakeside and typically enter from Dominion Cres. in Lakeside Industrial Park. (blue line connecting to fire road at the bottom)

Some of the fire road can get a bit muddy and I would really like to make a farside-esq trail that skirts the fire road and joins with Farside from BLT.

We should set up a time(s) that work to go in and get some stuff done. @muddy, the chainsaw is great to have to clear fallen trees, or trees that are in the way. Having access to a bush saw to trim all of the bushes away that have grown in would also be great to have.

With a little hard work, creating a trail to fully connect the BLT/ Coke Plant entrance to far side should be doable, as should cleaning up Death March so it is in half-decent shape again.


I’ve just come from a ride with the dog up the fire road and through Farside. The fire road was a muddy mess with some snow and ice, made worse by a recent pass through by 4 wheel drive trucks. Farside was in quite good shape given the time of year. It would be great to connect the BLT to Farside but perhaps a little bit up the fire road as a starting point. That big puddle at the beginning of the fire road seems to deter folks from wandering up that way, avoiding the makings of another Long Lake dog and party park.
Getting together would be great but generally hard to time. Jeff and @spelham I may have time on Friday, Saturday and Sunday of this week, May 8-10, and Thursday of next week, May 14th. I wouldn’t have my saw until next week and would be happy to chip in on a rental bush saw. Family could trump this at anytime, so the best thing is to message me using the number in the original post.

@Wayners, try going in one street up from the BLT / Coke plant entrance. Up by Russell Metals, its much better this time of year.

Chipping in on a bush saw is a great idea.

I’m not sure what would be the next step except to inventory Death March, Lake Loop West and Farside.

Fyi… last night a crew helped move the bridges out of the destruction zone to the start of Lake Loop / Suzie Q.

If anyone is out there hiking with 3 people feel free to carry the bridges into Lake Loop to the first bridge crossing.


I will check to see the cost of renting a bush saw from McFarlands. My dad had one, but sold it, however he still has his blades which would definitely help as some are better for bushes/ shrubs while others will actually cut down small trees like a chainsaw. I believe he still has his harness and other attachments.

From the sounds of things, Farside needs some gentle TLC to open things up from the winter and general wear and tear, while Death March, at least from my rides there last season, needs some more attention. If one of us can get in to see it, might have a better idea what is necessary in terms of trail work, bridges, etc.

I am free all next week during the evenings, and could spare some time on the weekend as well.

More hands would be nice as well, as it would lighten the workload considerably…

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Gas bush saw is $48/ day…or $16 per person.

I will gladly chip in. Coordinating times might be tricky. To do Death March and Flipside in one day would be awesome.

Sooner rather than later would be best to get ahead of growth making it easier to trim. Wife is away next week so I might try to sneak in a exploratory ride of Death March to survey the area to see where work is needed most.

From there, throw out some times to see if we can coordinate things. Once trails are cleaned up, we can look at areas that need repair work, like bridges, etc.

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I was on Death March today. Two trees down but otherwise very similar to the end of last year. JeffV, I tried the entrance at Dominion, it was great but the road section is still quite soft. I looked for an entrance here last year. I have no idea how I missed it! Thanks. Wayne.

@wayners, I was in tonight scoping a possible trail that bypasses the road and instead goes down through the woods.

Trying to find a route that will:

  1. Stay dry
  2. Be fun to ride
  3. Work in both directions
  4. Attact foot traffic to help pack it down

You may have noticed the huge mess that three large tracked vehicles are making of the Mud Road and the power lines. NS Power has been in there chopping down old poles, dragging them out and dragging new ones in. Things are really churned up.

Interesting, @Wayners, have you had a chance to check out the entrance up on dominion and our new trail?

Man they really did muck up the fire road. Its pretty dry today, but Thursday night it was a soup bowl.