Whopper/ Suzie Lake Loop

Am I missing something about this trail??? Rode it the past two days and each day came across a fallen tree conveniently located directly across the trail. Unless there were some major windstorms the last couple of nights, or there is a new sub-species of beaver that lives in the woods rather than in the water, one might think someone/ some people are trying to send the message that this trail shouldn’t be ridden. I know that Bayer’s Lake will soon be expanded, making some of the network go away, but I enjoy riding in the area still, as do others who I see while riding. Anyone with any answers???

As far as I know the lake loop will not be developed (is outside the development area) and even has DNR signs saying tree cutting is illegal, I wonder what is going on there.

were the trees obviously cut down, like with a saw or axe? Trees sometimes just fall over if they’re rotten enough.

The shots for the blog post were taken on Wednesday, so they must have been felled recently. The lake loop and area around Suzies / birch cove lakes is all in the Birch Cove Lakes wilderness protection area and will not be developed.

I’ve heard plans for hiking trails with a entrance near the development (crusher dust) but close to the lakes will be “out back trails”. In my opinion we need to keep active on these trails to keep our place in this area.

It could be hikers. Or just fallen trees.

Thinking about it more… I doubt any nature lover or protectionist would kill a tree to discourage trail users.

Not sure what is up.

Just rode Lake Loop / Suzie Lake W last evening and didn’t notice any trees down across the trail. Somebody must have moved them.

I’m thinking of hitting Lake Loop / Suzie Lake W. tonight. It’s a good workout. I usually start from coke plant though.