Whopper Thursday Evening 6:45ish

I am heading to Whopper with a buddy Thursday evening. We will be leaving Kville about 5;30 and should be at the trailhead at 6:45ish.

Who’s in?

I am going to look into this, wife gets home at 6:45 but it is possible I could meet you in there.

Hey-o, I was planning to head to whopper to check out how the trail is and see about going for the first non-winter ride of the year if it’s good. I’ll plan to be there for around for 6:45. If I see you guys there I’ll drop by and say hello and If you’re open to company I might tag along for a bit. Always fun to try to ride with others.

I’ll be the fellow on the Specialized Camber holding my side because I’m out of shape from the winter. best regards,


I’ll be the guy holding his side on a Giant Reign, lol.

Will see you there?

Thanks for the great ride. Was nice to meet you all.

@riderx when I’m back in the province this fall I’ll give you a shout to see if we can recruit you for a tour of some of the valley trails.

Too bad to see the front end of Whopper leveled but on the positive, it was great to see that some good folks put in some new bridges in the first part of protected section. Thanks to whoever went through the effort to haul materials out there and get that fixed up.

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That was fun!

It was great to see everyone! That was a fun ride indeed.