Whopper Trail Memorial (kind of)

It is still there, for now, but probably won’t be for long. It’s sad to see it go, but the trail has provided a backdrop for a lot of riders to test their metal both on their bike and trail building wise.

So post up your pics/vids of your rides at Whopper or tell your favourite trail ride story of your time there.

Here’s mine.

I was a Pictou County rider and stuck very close to home. Until I met a girl who rode a bike.
Thanks to the old ECMTB, I was able to broaden my horizons and explore more trail around the province, and when Bikergrl offered to give me a personal tour of Whopper I jumped at the chance.
It was a great day for a ride, and it got even better when we had stopped at the lake on the big lake loop and she grabbed me and planted a big kiss on me.
The rest my friends, is history.

Well, thanks for posting an unbeatable story right at the beginning of the thread!

I discovered Whopper after a few year hiatus from riding, on a Canadian Tire BMX. Fell in love! Rode it there with my BMX buddies for a while, and then got a 1996 Norco Magnum! Soon traded up to a Giant A/C dually, and then Iw as back into it full time.

My first ride at Whopper was with Jim K. Of course, it was at night. Jim bounced over every rock, and carved every corner. My lights were the original BLT system with a 6w low beam and 10w ‘retina ripper’ high beam. I had never seen the trail before and I’m sure I hit every rock, tree and ate more dirt than ever before.

At one point I was tryiing to climb a short steep rock on the powerlines road and without enough speed I lost momentum and ate dirt. All Jim saw was a set of lights slowly falling to the right and disappearing behind a rock.

i often wonder how many bike parts, and reflectors they will find in the dirt there … lol … definitely sad to see it go

I’ve only been on the trail twice, once as a photographer back in 2006 for my friend, and late last year for a ride on the bike. I enjoyed the trail very much, some of it was hard for me as I’m not well versed in drops/jumps and stuff like that. Had a blast and went over the handlebars a couple of times, haha. here is one pic from back in 2006, and yes I know he is a tool for not wearing a helmet,

link to a few more pics


First ride at Whopper for me would have been my second or third year of mountain biking, round about 2000. Some guys from the apartment above mine took me for a tour. I was thinking I was getting pretty good, but the guys I was with were putting me to shame, especially wheelie-dropping all the drops. I was totally lost - had no idea where I was. Now, the trail is like an old friend. I know it almost like the back of my hand. It’s my go-to trail when I’m looking for an easy rip, have only a little time, or after rain has saturated every other trail. Sad to see it destroyed.

Was in there tonight, and it is almost all still in perfect condition, for Whopper. I found no harmed trails. yes, I ride my same route in there every time which does not go on many trails. Ya have the weekend in there anyway. Too bad I’ll be at Gore instead. I cannot remember my first journey in there. I honestly won’t miss it.