Who's off on Monday?

I’m off work on Monday and a decent bike ride would do some good. I’m thinking Fight would be the best option with all the granite. I’m very flexible on time.

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I wish

I’m off but I have a to watch the kid till about 5 so any time after that I could ride :stuck_out_tongue:

I’d be up for a ride at fight on Monday, too. However, I won’t have a car that day. If anyone could give me a lift up from the peninsula, I’d join you. Also very flexible with time.

Give me a buzz! I might be avail around 11am-2pm.

That sounds like what I had in mind @shadowfox70.

I don’t have a spare bike rack right now, otherwise I’d offer you a lift @TuffRider

Going to ride Fight at 11:30 tomorrow. Mica Cr./Spar entrance. Riding Lou’s and Attic for sure, see what else happens along the way.

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Might catch you for a loop of Lou’s.I plan to start around 10, need to be finished riding by 12:45.

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