Who's up for a ride Monday...in the valley

I’m thinking a group ride in the valley on Monday the 23rd? Day off, and I can offer really awesome trails with a choice of quality pubs for post ride beverage/food?

Sounds good to me

I’m in the area camping, but will need to pack-up and head back to Halifax Monday.

You have my attention

I’m not sure of the route. I have a few suggestions.

  1. Hit the links hard. Some shuttle runs after scooting around the top for a bit and just going for broke.

  2. Start at the Gorge, play around there a bit, P2, Pumphouse, (maybe bird sanctuary) and the rails to trails to the links.

  3. Anima Mundi, and Grey Mountain

I’m open to all of the above. All would be fun and challenging.

I am thinking a mid morning start…about 1030-1100 am.

1030 am
The links. Meet at the top parking lot. We will ride the heck out of it and throw some shuttle runs in there for good measure.

Of course a visit to the local pub post ride too! All welcome!

postponed until 1 to see about the weather

Just back in NS, will monitor this thread in case an opportunity to ride arises