Who's watching the tour?

Contador is out. Who’s going to take it?

Unless someone crashes into Nibali and takes him out I don’t see how anyone else can come close. Contador was the only one who pushed him to the limit in the mountains so far. He will take time from his rivals (or at least not lose any) in the high mountains. Nibs can TT with the best of the GC riders so I wouldn’t be surprised at all with a top 5 or even top 3 in the TT (if he needs to, which he won’t). Not to mention Astana are exceptionally strong on every kind of terrain. The TdF will become more of a non-story over the next week in the Alps, but maybe you geek out like I do on performance analysis to try to guess who isn’t doping.

That’s not to say that nothing entertaining could happen. Stage 5 on the cobbles and Tony Martin’s huge win on stage 9 are highlights for me. Phil and Paul’s inane commentary continues to amuse and confound.

I’m about ready to give up on the Paul and Phil show and start going online for Eurosport coverage.
I always enjoy the tour, but this year just seems odd with so many of the big players out of contention.

Given the carnage so far, Nibbles going down in a heap is not out of the realm of possibility - otherwise it seems like a procession into Paris.

Tony Martin is a total beast, though. Love to see him in ‘his office’