Why do people have to be suck jerks?

Almost got hit today on hwy 14 at 3:30 by a white or maybe blue 3/4 ton Chev truck with a white cap, pulling a 24’ white travel trailer. They gave me the ‘get out of my way’ honk and then proceeded to swerve towards me while passing even though there was no oncoming traffic and they could have easily given me the space. They got within inches of my handlebars. People like this should not be allowed to drive. I had a great ride until then and now I feel stabby, jerks.

I have personally found that trucks towing trailers have no idea how to drive. they almost always pull back into the lane far too early after they pass you, like they forget the trailer is there. And they always pull over so fast that they end up swerving a bit. I find it funny that you don’t need a special licence to tow a large trailer.