Windfall Clearing - Nine Mile River Trails - Sunday October 2

Volunteer Work Day at Nine Mile River Trails, Sunday October 2 at 1:30pm to clear more Hurricane Fiona windfall…

We’ve made some progress clearing the trail, but LOTS more to be done. If you have a chainsaw, that would be a big help, but extra hands to move cut branches and logs off the trail would be as much of a help! Some of us will ride in, but I’m sure there will be volunteers who will walk in as well. Where we stopped working last weekend was about a 20-minute walk in.


Volunteers have cleared almost back to Comeau Lake! We’ll start working on the “Out to the Lake” section on Sunday, and keep working back to Dipper Lake. If we have time and enough volunteers, we’ll start working on Hemlock Cathedral.

Great opportunity to get a ride in, while making a contribution to local trails. :slight_smile:


Three teams out on the trails today. All trails clear of windfall and leaf blown!

Thanks especially to ecmtb’ers @Joanna , @darkmyth , @tazzmacd , @smdavis , @Stickynick , and @CyclingGirl for your work!

Thanks @tazzmacd for bringing the leaf blower! The trail tread looks amazing.


No problem, glad I could help out!

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…and @CyclingGirl says to thank you too. She loves her bike! :slight_smile: