Winter Gear Reviews and Tips

Post here any good products that you’ve found have worked well for you for winter riding.

Loving my AME Heated Grips. They’re battery-operated electrically-heated grips. Before using these, my hands got so cold they would hurt for the first half-hour of a ride until I got enough blood circulating to keep them warm, or I would bunch up a hot pack into my palm, which interfered with my grip on the bars, and still didn’t keep my fingers warm. Not anymore. I usually only need them for the first half hour, but my hands stay very comfortable.

There are 6 settings. I usually start with Level 3, which is plenty warm, and I can drop down to Level 1 or 2 shortly thereafter. They are not cheap. $200 US plus shipping. (I got mine for less off Ebay), but they work really well. AME also sells heated wrap for road bikes, if you’re really into that sort of thing in the winter.

Youtube review by @TURPLE (on Pedaltrout TV!)


Does this count?


As long as you can still count after using it.

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define “count” lol, does it need to be in order…

Have been using a camelback insulated water bladder with covered hose. I find it Makes a huge difference.


putting electrolyte tabs in the water helps prevent freezing as well

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Never thought of that… makes sense though.

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I bought one box of these for something like 18$. 30 rides worth of toe warming goodness. Was vary much worth it. I even keep a few spares in my pack encase someone else gets cold feet.

For anyone that hasn’t tried them before they get just warm enough that your feet honestly just feel like you walking around at home with socks on. So you don’t have to worry about your feet getting overly hot and uncomfortable. They are just enough to remove the bite on the really cold days.
Also, one side is adhesive so you just stick it to the front tops of your socks :slight_smile: