Winter Ride at Wrandees

Eric and I had a good ride at Wrandees yesterday afternoon. We put the studded tires on the bikes Saturday night and were ready to go. We were unloading the bikes and saw Randy and Enid arriving back from their ride so it was great to get their opinions on the conditions of the trail. We rode up the pipeline to the river and turned back. The stream isn’t frozen so I did a bit of walking with my bike but Eric just pushed through. We came back down and were heading back to the parking lot but decided to turn right and cross over the river that empties into the lake. I can’t believe it but Eric rode over that gap in the concrete dam. We headed along this trail which was wonderful. The conditions were perfect and I really enjoyed that trail. I even rode down the steep hill toward the end of the trail and Eric took video of me doing that. I was remembering my first time at Wrandees last year in the winter with the studded tires. Good times!