Winter Trail Conditions

I’m hoping to have some time this evening to get out on the bike, but I don’t know what’s ridable. I’m thinking maybe Shubie as it probably would have had a fair amount of traffic from walkers. Anyone know if it, or anywhere else in the HRM is ridable? Studs needed?

I would think Shubie will be good to ride. I am going to check it out this afternoon and will post what I find.

I would be interested if the Wrandees has been beaten down much yet. Probably not.

I would like to hit it sometime, but we may need a good freeze first.

Sorry. I didn’t get a chance to get to the trail to have a look. Good luck if you go. I may head over there myself

Great timing on this folks! Looking forward so some sweet winter singletrack.

I didn’t make it out yesterday, and I couldn’t make it out to the Festive get together tonight, but did have a bit of time for a ride, so I went to Shubie.

From the Dartmouth Crossing entrance towards Waverley/Spider Lake isn’t plowed, and partly packed down from walkers. The vast majority of the park is plowed, along with all the way to Mic Mac. The snow that is left is fairly packed down. I only noticed a little bit of ice, this was on the section running beside the highway heading towards Mic Mac. You could easily ride around this, and studs definitely aren’t needed (I rode with studs, maybe they helped grab into the snow, not sure).

Tried to ride in Wrandees today. First from the NW Arm side. It was bad. Then tried from The Bay Road parking lot. Could ride up to the start of the pipeline loop but no further. Rode around along the lake for quite a way but it was tough going.
So tonight we snowshoed all the trails on the NW Arm side. Only took a little over two hours. Enjoy it tomorrow if you can, before the rains come.

Very nice! Thanks for prepping the trails. I might try to get there after work tomorrow or somewhere anyways.

Shoot me a message if you do, riderx. I wouldn’t mind checking it out.

Don’t bother riding at Wrandees today. I just went for a ride/hike. The snow is too soft. At least we got out for a great snowshoe anyway.

Is there anything around the city worth riding tonight?

Yeah, I wouldn’t mind getting out for an ice ride at Wrandees or something if I knew the snow was packed hard enough. Its supposed to be around 0 today.

Hoping for something studless. Does anyone know what Shubie is like?

Has anyone ridden Wrandees lately? Spider Lake?

I am going to attempt Spider at 1pm, no studs.

I was there on the 25th and found the rep loop was ridable, but the further trails in were a bit more challenging. I ended up riding rep loop and then heading to Shubie park.

Shubie was MINT last night (26th). Rode there at 6pm. No studs necessary. There is just the right amount of snow down. Studs are not necessary.

I fully realize this is not the same as ripping single track in the middle of July at the Fight Trail but for a December Ride in the snow this is about as good as it gets. It was a good spin and lots of fun.

Winter is the time for spin! I’m tired of fighting like hell for 2 km’s when I could be skimming over really nice pristine walking trails :slight_smile:

We snowshoed Wrandees again last night and went in at 9am for an epic 2+ hour romp. Red Trail is sweet and the loop along the edge of the lake was nicely packed after a couple of loops. Let’s hope it’s a good enough base to get us through the rain and back into the cold temps mid-week. Get out there and enjoy it if you can.

I rode both Spider Lake and Shubie Park today.

Started at Spider. The main trail in was rideable but it is very hard work. We rode as far as the bottom of the six pack and turned around, retraced our steps, and did the Replicator out. We rode that twice but there really wasn’t much more that you could do. Its lots of hard work to get through the deep snow.

We headed to Shubie for a few loops through the park. The conditions were pristine especially if you stayed on trails that see lots of traffic. In some icy areas crusher dust has been spread to help with traction. Just about the best winter riding conditions you could ask for. If you want a little more challenge you could head out the Lake Charles Extension where it was a lot less beaten down. we did that for a while too but that turned into “this sucks” really quickly.

A night time ride at Shubie would be just about perfect

Tomorrow is supposed to be on the plus side and then heavy rain so ride it while you can. We are meeting on Lakemist Court (Just as you turn the corner) by MIc Mac Mall at 9 tomorrow morning. Anyone is welcome to join in.