Wolfville looking for trail consultants

I am the networking/it nerd for wolfville and from walking around the hallways there , I’ve found a few employees that are avid mountain bikers and the new CAO is big on fitness things. All in all, very positive team.

(I’m the network/security/nerd guy, not the website/user/email guy)


I know this is a long time after your post, but as for an update if any one is interested…

The base design was done last summer and the town is looking to start building this summer. Their RFP for the final design work and building just closed on Wednesday. There were two bids (including one from our company, TrailFlow) and we should know who the builder is with in the next two weeks.

Will be an amazing project that will benefit all riders in the region. Approximately 4-5km of new single track with somethign for all skill levels, and a HUGE skills park with drops, log rides, roller coaster bridges, pump track, Dj’s, trials area and more!

Expect to see lots of TTF’s on the trails too.

More info soon!

Good luck on the bid!

whats a ttf?

I think it means technical treail feature.

Glad to see another community getting behind trail development!

Thanks for the support everyone! I’m going to go nuts waiting for a responce from the town on the tender, should know next week some time.

Jeff is correct TTF= technical treail feature, so bridges, log rides, rock gardens, berms, other fun things!