Wolfville Trails - Trailflow style

I had the pleasure to work on the trails at the Wolfville Reservoir Park with Ryan Lindh of Trailflow today. The newly opened Intermediate trail is dry and good to go. The trail is in great shape and looks like a ton of fun. The beginner loop is still abit soft in places but will be a great loop for those just starting out on a mountain bike.

The most exciting part is trail 4A as is the working name. It has some great terrain, some climbs, descents, and will also have some amazing views once the trees sprout some leaves. This trail system is going to be great for the whole family with both beginner and intermediate loops. Since it’s located right in the heart of beautiful Wolfville it’s easily a day destination with plenty of eateries as well.

I walked the flagged trails up there last fall, and it looked fun, can’t wait to see all the work that’s been done. The pictures I’ve seen show some pretty fun looking trail.

where can i find the trail head? and parking?

The tails are in Reservoir Park, at the top of Sherwood Dr. There is a small parking lot there. We just have one of the new mountain bike trails open but plan on having a second open soon, I just need to get it inspected and make some signs for it first.

If you want a tour feel free to call me and I can show you around some of the other loops were working on too.


thanks ryan, hoping to get there soon, jen and i are planning some rides for the upcoming summer.

What’s the status of the trail building? Is there much open to ride now?

Hey Brent,

We have two loops open now. One beginner trail thats is about 400m and an intermediate trail that is about 450m. The next segment to open will be an out and back with a loop at the bottom on the far end. This will add in about 1.6km of riding. The weather is finally starting to cooperate with us so we expect to be making some good progress on that trail in the coming week. If all goes according to plan this new trail should open in the next two weeks. Pray for sun! :slight_smile:

The skills park will be started soon too!!

A little update:

This will be opening very soon! Next week some time if all goes according to plan.