Women of dirt

I watched the movie. It was awesome. Thanks http://resource.pedaltrout.com/old_site_images/c676407db519bdf42481870746f097d8.gif

hi all … wondering if anyone has a copy of women of dirt that they wouldnt mind loaning me for a couple of days?
or if anyone knows where i can buy one locally thanks.

ECMTB used to own a copy. I think Adam still has it, if I’m not mistaken. He might let you borrow.

Actually, I lie. The movie that ECMTB used to have was 100% Woman - the documentary about Michelle Dumaresque. Oh well.

I think cyclinggirl might have it

she is a regualr around here so hopefully she doesn’t miss this post

mmmm wonder if she would mind??? lending it out for a weekend…
jenny would love to see it … anyone know if it can be bought locally?

I do have it! I don’t think you can buy it around here. I had to order it online. I was hoping to get some gals together to watch it. I could lend it to you. PM me and we can make arrangements.

Sheldon, it was nice to meet you and talk to you tonight. I look forward to watching the video you loaned me with Eric Saturday night. Jenny, we need to get you out for the women’s rides next year. You would enjoy it. Also, you should set up a profile page on Pedaltrout and then you can connect with other women bikers. You are going to love the Women of Dirt video. There is also a Facebook Page as well. Stay in touch and keep on biking.