Any locals know their way around here super well,and wouldn’t mind showing me some fun lines? Haven’t had a chance to really explore here but I live nearby

I know the trails quite well, but I’m not sure how they have made out since Dorian passed by.

@riderx have you heard anything?

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I know Gravity Link and Lacey link quite well. Some of the others I’ve ridden one or twice.

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From the sounds of them I’m mostly interested in gravity link and the jump link, anything similar is a bonus

I cleaned up part of gravity.


Just a heads up “Jump Link” is NOT a jump trail by any means so don’t be surprised when you don’t find big jumps on it.

I’d be game for a lap later this week perhaps. Stone, Leatherman and Lacey are more of that I think you’d be looking for.



This weekend is looking good weather wise, so it shouldnt be too wet up there.
Kentville got bombed by the hurricane, but I’m not sure how the top part of Woodville made out.